“It’s All About Relationships”

OA Connect Regional, Networking Event in Winchester

So, who are you connected to?

At our first networking event in Winchester, Business Growth Advisor, author and all-round positive mentor Tim Savage, reminded us: “it’s all about relationships”, when it comes to determining your next move after the Services.

It can be easy to forget this when, historically, we’ve relied on sending out the traditional CV, hoping it will be enough of an indicator of the personality or quality candidate compressed into a piece of paper.
Thankfully, although still important, it is not the ‘only bullet’ in your arsenal.

The growth of social media aside, and its value as a tool for finding work, Tim encouraged us to take stock of our immediate connections, emphasising that ‘people buy from people they know, like and trust’.

With his signature enthusiasm and liveliness, he suggested we:

Make a list of 15 people. Not just any people. Five people in each of the following criteria:

  • Five old contacts you did great work with
  • Five current contacts who have the potential to help you with their experiences in their sector or industry
  • Five current contacts who are just starting out, like you.

Tim reminds us that the process of transition can be an exciting period of growth and change – one where you reassess who, and where, you are and what’s important to you. You are not just ‘Crowd2another career’ and have the capability to choose as much variety as you want and be in charge of your direction – Tim’s next adventure happens to be a two-year trip around the world!

Building connections is an important part of that change and is at the heart of what the OA aims to facilitate.

It was great to see so many of you at the event and as Tim commented: “I always love talking to ex-military, they have so much potential and just need reminding.”