Finance for Non Finance Directors

This webinar introduces some of the concepts, language and topics to help those leaving the forces be more confident in the financial knowledge and experience they need to support their career development.

Our speaker, Philip Avery from the Bristol Management Centre, will use real life examples and experiences to demystify the topic and explore some of the specific areas of financial knowledge, essential for those moving into civilian employment.

Philip Avery is a Lecturer and Consultant in Business Management and a non practising lawyer. He works as an associate for Bristol Management Centre lecturing in Business and Financial management development programmes. He has experience in working for many sectors both private & public including Hewlett Packard and the Welsh Assembly. His expertise is in business modelling & planning, business systems, financial analysis, project development & control and change planning. Much of this has been in the public sector. Philip has a Masters degree in commercial law.


Watch the webinar: