54% of you Would Settle in the North to ‘return to your roots’

Great black pudding, outstanding natural beauty, a straight talking attitude – these are just some of the reasons you may wish to settle in the North of England. There is also reason to be optimistic regarding its employment situation as the Northern Powerhouse continues to take hold.
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Although 42% of you think it’s ‘too soon to tell’ whether or not you’ll obtain a ‘good quality role’ in the region, there is evidence to suggest that as the UK economy recovers from the most recent recession, opportunities will continue to open up in the region.

How the UK is Performing in Employment

The employment rate remains highest across the UK in the south west (76.6) and lowest in the north east (69.3%).

The unemployment rate is also highest in the north east (7.5%) and lowest in the south east (4.2%).

Sectors that continue to do well across the UK are accommodation and food services, (up by 3.2% in London and 4.8% rest of UK), information and communications, (up by 11.6% in London and 2.6% rest of UK) and professional, scientific and technical (up by 14.8% in London, 4.9% rest of UK).

Retail has gone up by 2.4% in London but dipped in the rest of the UK at 0.3%. The financial sector has also gone down by 5.5% in London and 1.2% the rest of the UK.

London still continues to dominate, with six out of the top ten local authorities showing highest employee growth in the city. Manchester however, is at no two, just behind Westminster, a reflection of its continuing success.

Ged Drugan says: “Manchester has enjoyed fantastic regeneration over the past 25 years, due to good, civic governance. This has moved from the city to the metropolitan area with a mixture of marketing and investment attracting more people to the city.” He adds: “It’s certainly an employment hot spot with employees benefitting from the university, media and sports-related industries.”

Leeds has also benefitted from financial services and Humberside Estuary’s fortunes continue to look up due to the growing renewable energy sector.

There are emerging sectors too – digital in the north east and north west regions form the high technology industry, founded on an industrial past, as well as the visitor economy in Cumbria.

There is still a big disparity between wages in the North and South – £35k is the median in London, while people in the North are earning 68% of that, at an average of £25k.

Four most employed sectors in North East

  • Administration
  • Caring sectors
  • Miscellaneous services
  • Sales

Unfilled vacancies due to skills shortages

  • Business
  • Caring services
  • Misc services
  • Sport and culture

Among the growing sectors in the area are customer care, health support and healthcare with many more professional and leadership roles opening up in the area. North East employment is set to increase by 2020 with 30,000 jobs.

Four most growing sectors in Yorkshire and Humber

  • Caring services
  • Senior management
  • Health support
  • Customer care

Unfulfilled vacancies due to skills shortages

  • Caring services
  • Skilled trades
  • Misc services
  • Businesses

In this area even more growth is expected with 70,000 new jobs being created by 2020.

The North West tops this though with 80,000 jobs expected by 2020. Sectors look set to grow include caring services, senior management, health support and customer care.

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[Watch our ‘Overview of the Northern Jobs Market’ Webinar]