Interested in the land-based sector? Then this opportunity with HighGround could be made for you.

HighGround is a charity which helps Service Leavers, Reservists and Veterans to find jobs, careers and vocational opportunities in the land-based sector( Farming, Forestry, Conservation, Landscape-design and more) UK-wide and overseas.

Currently, through its Rural Weeks (RXW) Programme, they have a network of contacts who provide work experience opportunities that can open doors to land-based industries as diverse as game keeping, cider making and estate management.

These programmes are fully funded, residential and delivered at Bicton College from Sunday to Friday. Here you will be given an overview of the land-based sector, how your military skills and experience map into it and where your skills gaps lie as well as employment and self-employment guidance and advice.

Afterwards, a Careers Manager will arrange a follow-up so you can work out what your next steps will be: work experience, training, a short course or volunteering, all with the aim of getting you closer to and into employment.

Anna Baker Cresswell Founder and Development Director said, “We have been joined by officers from all 3 services during our 2015 and 2016 Rural Weeks programme and I am delighted that they have got so much out of the weeks. The staff at Plumpton College share their knowledge and contacts freely and whether you are using the RXW’s as a reality check; a direct route into the area of land-based employment you have already identified, or as the very first stage of your 2nd career we are here to provide expert advice, sector-based contacts and encouragement. It can be a slow burner but the rewards last a lifetime and it’s a great adventure!”

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