The NHS: a dynamic approach to recruitment

The NHS directly employs 1.6 million people, putting it firmly in the top 5 of the largest workforces in the world. (In case you were wondering- McDonalds, the United States Department of Defence, Walmart and the Chinese People Liberation Army make up the rest of the list)

Clearly, the scale of the NHS operation is enormous and equally the amount of opportunities on offer to ex-Military is huge. To give an indication, there are 25,000 jobs advertised on the NHS jobs website each month.

The Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) is a fairly new and growing organisation within the NHS. It collects analyses and publishes national data and statistical information that helps inform decision making in the health and care system. According to Charlotte Goulding, Strategic Recruitment Officer at HSCIC, the organisation is ‘waking up to the opportunity to work with former officers.’

David Nevill is a former officer with the Royal Artillery. He currently has an IT Project Management role within HSCIC.

David explains that the HSCIC uses a ‘dynamic resourcing approach’ when it comes to recruitment. “We used to recruit a project manager for a specific project. Now we will recruit a project manager on the mutual understanding that they could project manage any project within the organisation. This means that you don’t have to have specific niche knowledge in one area, you’ll be able to project manage in any particular area that you may find yourself. This is a good thing for the forces community as a lot of those transferable skills that we like to put on our CVs will be even more applicable when you have to put it to use in a wider area of projects and wider portfolio.”
When applying for a role within the NHS, David recommends:

  • Beware the generic job description
  • Read between the lines
  • Preserve, pay attention
  • Apply for the job, not a job.

Listen to the webinar – Entry into the NHS (HSCIC) here