What are the Top 3 Management Consultancies Looking For In Their Candidates?

Whether you’re making a team of a trading floor 25% more productive, turning around a large supermarket chain or helping the Greek government respond to a crisis, it’s clear there is a bounteous variety of projects to work on in a top three management consulting firm.

The pros also most definitely outweigh the cons too. Although the work is highly pressurised and your work/life balance is likely to take a hit (throughout the week at least), there is great scope for: professional development, an interesting variety of work, smart, committed and driven colleagues, as well as opportunities for luxury travel.

However, the competition to gain a place in one is fierce. From 5000 applicants a year, 300 will be interviewed and only 20 offered a place.

Here, Enguerran Loos, former McKinsey consultant and InnerSquare founder talks us through the process.

Officers are sought after

The good news is that former officers are highly sought after and six have been placed within McKinsey, Bain, Boston Consulting Group and 2020 Delivery, in the past year.
Enguerran says: “InnerSquare want to find more ex-military people. We need ‘high potential’ individuals, we’re not looking for ‘knowledge’ or subject matter experts.”

He adds: “We’re looking for a balance of problem solving and people skills. this tends to be an intrinsic quality within the military. You will have many interesting examples to draw upon in the interview.”

Team size and assignment length vary a lot – typical assignment will take 3-5 consultants over 2-3 months.

Academic credentials are very important – you’ll need to have a 2:1 or above undergraduate degree from Oxford. A Russell Group University degree will also suffice, if your career progression has been exceptional. Just as important though is your track record of outperforming peers in highly selective environments, so your progression within the Services will be taken into consideration when selection for interview takes place.

Interview process

There will be a couple of rounds of interviews and each will have a business situation you’ll solve throughout – you will need to break down a complex problem, analyse data, and do some calculations, as well as be creative, synthesise, and present a recommendation – this reflects a real-life case you may be presented with.

How can InnerSquare help?

Enguerran and his team work on selecting candidates who they think will do well and have already been tested on their maths and logic.

85% of their candidates are interviewed by clients.

InnerSquare also offers a two day programme led by McKinsey consultants, who are familiar with the process. They have a good success rate as one out of three will be successful in gaining a place.

Most candidates will come in as a junior consultant on a 70k salary, or if you have high management consultant level experience at the MOD you may be considered for a consultant role. From there, the path to becoming a partner normally takes around six years.

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