What does your online presence say about you?

When recruiters conduct online searches on individuals, they look to verify your qualifications and ensure that you would be an asset to their organisation. So its important to think about what your social media presence says about you.

Here are some things employers should not see on your profile:

Provocative or inappropriate photographs or information

Regardless of whether you created your Facebook profile when you were very young, if you are in the job market, it is best to delete any inappropriate pictures. Employers want to know how you present yourself and interact with others online. So make sure that your social media looks as presentable as you would at an interview.

Poor communication skills

How you use social media says a lot about how creative you are. It is essential that you use proper grammar and spelling when communicating online. This would include status updates notes, summaries and other interactions. Your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and personal website should be adequate representations of yourself.

Assess your credibility

Employers check your online profile to ensure that you actually have the qualifications that you claim to have in your CV. This is why having a great CV is no longer good enough; you need to ensure that your online portfolio, your LinkedIn profile, Twitter and Google+ all show the same information.

Avoid portraying a negative image

Studies have shown that employers are put off by candidates who seem to have a negative attitude. If there is evidence of excessive complaining or ranting it may appear that you are intolerant or have extreme opinions and won’t be able to work well with others.

Would you share confidential information?

Employers want to know whether you would bad-mouth previous employees or talk about clients and colleagues online. They also want to be sure that you aren’t someone who would share excessive personal information or indulge in excessive self-promotion online.

While you can’t completely control what information others find about you online, you can take the trouble to manage your online reputation so it reflects positively when you are looking for employment.