Why choose coaching as a career option?

Coaching has been defined as a process that facilitates learning and development to help improve the overall performance of an individual. Business or life coaching can be a rewarding and fulfilling career choice, but in order to be a successful you need to develop a variety of skills and techniques, in addition to a knowledge and understanding of the process.

How does it work?

A coaching session is meant to help increase a client’s self-awareness, clarify their goals and raise their confidence levels, so they can easily identify the path forward.

A typical life coaching session involves different questioning techniques and practices that impress upon a client the need to be reflective and challenge perspectives. A coach will also create an action plan for the future.

John Sephton,(pictured) is a former Royal Navy commander, who has built a successful portfolio career as a Business Coach and Mediator. He believes that as a business coach, you are helping your clients on both a business and personal level.

He advises that when working with a client, a coach must be able to gain their confidence and develop trust quite quickly. He also points out that although you work for and with the client – you do not directly tell them what to do. The role of the coach is to guide them on how to achieve their goals.

The benefits of coaching

Coaching can help a client identify their strengths and weaknesses and develop a specific strategy to achieve their goals. While coaching is not a quick fix, it helps clients gain a better understanding of themselves and what they want to accomplish.

Coaches can help clients with the following:

  • Getting hard results, improved productivity and confidence-building
  • Perspective – by talking about a problem and figuring out a solution
  • Awareness of any blind spots that are hindering professional and personal growth
  • Support on how to improve skills, how to communicate, manage conflict and make effective decisions

Why choose this as a career?

This is an ideal career choice for you if you enjoy helping others. It also gives you the freedom to live and work anywhere you want as working hours can be flexible and coaching can take place face to face or via cyberspace.

As a coach you will understand the value of ongoing learning, which means it, will also benefit your own personal and professional development.

For more information about being a life coach, listen to the OA webinar Coaching – An Exciting Challenge for Former Officers