Opportunities for Service Leavers in the land based sector

HighGround is a national charity supporting service leavers, veterans and reservists transition into the land based sector via its 5 day Rural Weeks programme followed by ongoing support from the HighGround Careers Manager .

On the 22nd March the OA will be running a webinar with HighGround to explain the programme and talk about the opportunities available in the land based sector.
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Below are a number of testimonials from Service Leavers that have benefited from the Rural Weeks programme from a diverse range of backgrounds…

Case Studies:

Iain, Intelligence Corp
Iain came on a HighGround Rural Week back in June 2015. He was leaving the military after 27 years service and wanted to find out more about setting up a business as a dog trainer in the Southwest of England. Iain had extensive experience in operational planning, risk management, and business resilience, all skills required to successfully run a business venture. HighGround supported Iain with advice and guidance regarding business, relevant qualifications, industry sector patterns and funding.

Iain left the military in Oct 2015 and now runs an established dog training company carrying out assessments and modifying behaviour across South Wiltshire. He has qualified in a number of industry specific courses, has established his business brand and is using the tools available to him to further his business.

In the early months Iain will be supplementing his business venture with employment. HighGround is working with Iain to access suitable opportunities and support him in gaining employment. Our new dedicated Careers Manager will be working closely with Iain to do this.

Charlie, Irish Guards
Charlie found HighGround via the Officers Association webinar in March 2015. He had been medically discharged from service due to an in-service injury resulting in paralysis below both knees. Charlie attended a Rural Week as he wanted to find out more about running a smallholding. He had already purchased property with some land, but wanted to gain ideas on how to maximise the use of this land and get the best out of the environment to live the life he wanted.

During the Rural Week, Charlie met subject matter experts, discussed ideas with fellow beneficiaries, took the advice given by HighGround and got himself in a position whereby he had a better understanding of how to utilise the land that he had. The woodland he had could be used for a forestry school to supplement his lifestyle, ideas were given on converting the barn he had, advice regarding planning permission, keeping livestock, cost saving techniques, tools and equipment he needed, resources available to him to set up his venture.

Charlie was seeking a self-sufficient way of life for him and his family and is now progressing well with his smallholding.

Chris, RAF
Chris attended a HighGround Rural Week back in June 2015. He came onto the programme not knowing what his next step was in regards to a fulfilling career outside of the military. The Rural Week offered Chris a platform in which he could identify a new career which matched his skills set and interests.

Chris found that one option was to utilise his experience and skills as a trainer to run a forest school. The Rural Week provided an in-depth overview of the role, the qualities and accredited training required, the setting up process, preparing forest school sessions, identifying clientele, marketing and much more.

Chris continued to get support from HighGround once the Rural Week was complete and went on to get accredited training with one of our partners. He was put in touch with relevant contacts and encouragement, advice and guidance was given to support Chris in his forest school venture.

Will, Royal Gurkha Rifles
Will came to HighGround as a Veteran after leaving the military back in 2002. He wanted guidance and information about the agricultural industry. He was particularly interested in expeditionary agriculture as he wanted to use his military experience in different cultures and help stabilise local communities using his transferable skills.

Will went on to complete a Graduate Diploma at RAU Cirencester and after that, we introduced to a contact who places farmers in Eastern Europe which is a growing area for expeditionary agriculture.

Military skills and international development experience map perfectly into this area and HighGround is using our ever increasing network of UK and overseas contacts to help ex-military people get into it.

More info:
Download pdf info about HighGround including areas of work available in the Land sector and the Rural Weeks Timetable.

Please get in touch with HighGround Careers Manager, Sami Choudhury.

Email: sami.choudhury@highground-uk.org

Telephone: 07496 610 210