The Art and Science of working in Project Management

The Officers’ Association work closely with Nationwide Building Society in supporting their military transition programme, and have shared their own thoughts on why Military is good for Business…

“We were first attracted to the military by their leadership skills” explained Kevin Moylan (Head of Practice Management). Nationwide identified that their skills and capabilities requirement for the Project Management roles were a perfect match with the skills and capabilities of the ex-Officers.

As Nigel Hope (Senior Practice Manager, Nationwide) explains, Project Management is 30% science and 70% art. The 70% is where most of the military skills come into play. The 30% is the mechanics of project management including risk assessment and Microsoft Project Management, etc. which can be taught. Nationwide place the emphasis on recruiting people for their skills and capabilities that matches the 70% art and train them on the 30% science.

Nationwide initially used an external organisation to manage the recruitment process of ex-military personnel. Due to the number of ex-military personnel that are being recruited, it was decided to develop an in-house recruitment programme.

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