What Values Do Service Leavers Bring to the Business World?

More and more employers are turning to the Services to reach talent that can take their organisation to the next level. But what is it that makes Service Leavers such an attractive proposition for so many civilian organisations, despite their lack of commercial experience?

Service Leavers bring qualities and skills, developed throughout their time in the Services that are as unique and unusual as some of the circumstances they have experienced.

Transferable skills

Service in the military instils certain characteristics valued by high performing teams that cannot easily be taught, including:

  • Inspiring leadership and coaching
  • Problem solving, an appetite for learning and great adaptability
  • Excelling in pressure environments
  • Strategy and planning
  • Excellent teamwork and effective communication
  • An objective led approach

On 14th June the OA will hold its first Employers Forum at the headquarters of Deloitte in London, with the aim of helping employers to build the business case for employers ex-military.

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