A day in the life of… A Business Development Manager

Toby Barklem left the army back in 2013 and now works as a consultant and business development manager in the wealth management sector. Here is what a typical Day in the Life for Toby can look like.

08:00 Arrive at the office and work through a few emails. I am expected to have a certain number of external meetings with my clients every week so I will use the first couple of hours in the day to catch up on more admin-based tasks that need attending to before heading out for a large portion of the day.

10:00 Out to a meeting to catch up with an existing client and ensure that they are still getting the best products for their needs – this can be either at a coffee shop or in a more formal office setting, whatever suits the client best.

11:00 Another meeting – this time I’m in front of 15 financial advisors giving a presentation on issues to do with financial planning and investment and showcasing how our products could be a good fit with their business.

12:00 Back to the office to catch up on any emails that have come in throughout the morning and send out any requests for information that have come through from clients whilst I’ve been out.

12:30 If I’m out of the office with clients there isn’t always time for a proper lunch so I generally tend to grab a sandwich en route to my next meeting or bring it back to the office with me.

13:00 I use the afternoon to maximise the time that my client’s offices are open i.e. when they are most accessible on the end of the phone or via email. I’m also more productive when our own internal services are open as I may need to reach out to colleagues for problem-solving or other support which enables me to get back to clients as quickly as possible.

15:30 Spend some time on the phone booking in meetings for the coming days with a view to reassuring clients that they are up to speed with what we can do to help them and introduce any new products into their portfolios.

17:00 Final check of my emails to make sure all urgent tasks have been cleared and address any internal actions that have occurred during the day.

18:30 I am fortunate enough to live quite close to the office so if I need to wind down and de-stress then I will walk home to clear my head and reflect. Failing that, I may head to the gym or go for a run. Working in the City it is also sometimes easier to meet a client after hours so I may head out to meet one of them for a beer for an hour or so before heading home.