A Day in the Life of… A Change Manager

Simon Carpenter was in the Coldstream Guards in the Army, where he served for over 18 years. He left after his Company Commander’s tour in 2012. A desire for stability and to spend more time with his family was the main driver behind his decision to leave.

Having successfully completed his first year on Royal Mail’s Senior Talent Programme, Simon was promoted to Head of Change in the firm’s Northern Region which covers a third of the UK and employs over 35,000 people working across 500 delivery offices.

Simon leads a team of 65 internal management consultants and planners whose task is to improve the performance of offices by ensuring they have the correct structure and people for the workload and to work with staff to improve performance and efficiency across the board.

Covering such a wide geographic area, Simon spends a lot of time travelling. Here is what a typical Day in his Life can look like.

05:30 Out of bed and time to catch the train to Manchester airport.

07:30 Catch up on emails in the airport before taking a flight to Belfast.

09:00 Taxi to one of the delivery offices in Belfast to meet with a member of my Change Managers who is currently embedded in one of the local offices.

11:00 Meet with the local management team to discuss the activities within their office, find out how it’s been going and if we are on track to meet our targets. We also look at any risks and issues including people, customer, finance and efficiency.

14:00 Conduct a monthly one-to-one meeting with one of my team to ensure they are getting the support and direction they need. Getting this done face to face with all my team every month is a challenge due to the size of the geography.

15:00 Visit at another Delivery office that are being supported by the team I met with earlier in the day to see if they need any assistance across their operations.

17:30 Return flight to Manchester, which usually gets me home for about 8:30pm to see my family.