A Day in the Life of… A Management Consultant

Richard Graybrook works as a Principal Consultant for Turner & Townsend, a global Project and Programme Management consultancy firm. Here is an overview of some of the key tasks he undertakes in his role. 

“I’ll start by saying that my typical day has gone a full 180 degrees from my life in the Royal Engineers. Being out in the field to working in a corporate environment is very different. The good thing is that it’s just as exciting – as well as the admin side of my role and my responsibilities to Turner & Townsend, I also have a duty to my clients. It’s almost like working for 2 different companies, or more depending on how many clients you currently have.

“I currently spend an average of three days a week with the client, with the remainder of my time spent in the office. It’s a case of working out in your diary when the client needs you and spending the rest of the time doing all the admin to support those deliverables. Being on site with the client is definitely the most efficient way to fulfil my role as you have the key personnel right in front of you and can get real time feedback on the suggestions you make. During my MBA, we spent a lot of time looking at different methodologies such as Lean and Six Sigma, which I try to use in my everyday approach. However if this way of working doesn’t suit the client, then we try to find something that does.

“Every few weeks also try to have an internal team meeting to bring everybody up to speed with where we are all at on our individual projects, and offer assistance to anyone that needs it, but essentially we are all off working with our own clients and driving the delivery of our own projects. Whilst you do have internal annual objectives to meet, you are given the responsibility to go out there and take control of your projects’ success.”