A Day in Life of… A Consultant Project Manager

Murray Bryant is a Project Manager at Capgemini, working for a utilities company as part of the organisation’s Programme Leadership & Change division.

Here is what a typical ‘Day in Life’ of a consultant project manager can look like.

07:00 Wake up. I like to get my brain into gear as quickly as possible in the morning, so I’ll either check my emails or get online to get my thought processes going for the day. I like to be fully prepared for the day ahead by the time I reach the office.

08:30 Arrive at the office. Time to catch up on a back log of tasks - I run 11 mini projects so there is plenty to be getting on with. I’ll look at what information I have, what information I need and spend a large proportion of the morning ensuring that all the data I require is pulled together.

10:00 Time to analyse all the data I have gathered to extract what’s relevant and use it to make informed decisions that will benefit my client.

11:00 Compile a succinct daily report detailing my findings from earlier in the morning so that I can feed back to my client. These daily reports will then feed into a large weekly summary that I will send across, detailing a variety of activities that are already being implemented or in the pipeline to take place. Communication is vital in my role as we need to continually demonstrate our value to the client so that they know we are doing a good job.

12:00 Off the back of the reports, I will meet with my team to ensure that everyone is aware of what needs to be done, how we are going to achieve it and all deliverables are on target to be met. I sit next to other Capgemini consultants so we are in constant communication.

13:00 I like to try and take a good half an hour for lunch. I think it’s important to take a break so that you can better focus for the afternoon ahead.

14:00 I’ll spend at least an hour on PMO work, which involves ensuring all our operational documents are up to date.


When your commander asks you to do something, you’ll go back to him with the various options available – the same applies in the consultancy world, except it’s a client asking for your advice.

Murray Bryant

16:00 Meeting with the technical team on my utility client project. There is a particular process in the way they operate which I’d like to change so I need to discuss the best way to bring about that change and workout how long it will take and how much it will cost. This is then fed back into my client report so that we can implement the changes as quickly as possible.

17:00 Another check of my emails before heading back to my hotel – I’m working on-site with the client over the next few months so need to be close by.

18:00 Time for a swim or a gym session before heading down to dinner.

20:00 A chance to do some admin, such as submitting my expenses. Capgemini also offer a lot of training so I will use the evening to do an online workshop or check on any internal actions that need addressing.

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