Is a second career in wealth management right for me?

Leadership. Discipline. Communication.
The skills you acquired to become a successful military officer are shared by many entrepreneurs.

Building your own business after leaving the Services and experiencing the rewards this can bring can be the first steps on your journey toward taking charge of your working life and creating financial independence for you and your dependents.

Opportunities in wealth management allow many officers to translate their skills to the civilian world, with the potential for great financial reward. Success in wealth management is often based upon your ability to build relationships with clients which is a skill taken for granted sometimes in the Services. Other common military traits that fit well within this industry are integrity, team working, attention to detail and a sense of urgency to 'get the job done'.

The St. James’s Place Academy provides an unrivaled development programme for outstanding individuals who have no previous experience of giving personal financial advice. The Academy offers exceptional training and development and dedicated ongoing support, helping you to start your own wealth management business and continue to build it into a successful practice.

To find out more about a career in wealth management, why not go to one of the open days run by St James' Place Academy.

I was attracted to join the Academy firstly, because of the opportunity to build my own business and secondly, to continue what I really enjoyed doing which is helping people in any way possible. Following my career in the Army where I was dealing with people and helping them every day, I genuinely enjoy providing a service to people to help them achieve what they want for their future.

Edmund Wilson

Prior to joining the Academy, Edmund spent 20 years in the Army with the Irish Guards. His financial experience includes responsibility for budgets of up to £5 million, incorporating both Government and charitable funds. His active service includes Afghanistan, Iraq and Northern Ireland, with broader experience from the US, Kenya, New Zealand and Australia.

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