The best kept secret for an officer’s family welfare

It can be hard for a spouse to manage if they or your children fall ill, have an accident or need an operation. Whilst family members will often be able to help, it’s not always possible for them, particularly if you are stationed abroad. Finding help can be expensive and this can cut into hard-won operational tour allowances.

Among the many organisations which assist the families of the Armed Forces, Lady Grover’s Fund is a little-known nugget of value. The Fund is a Friendly Society which supports officers’ wives, husbands, widows, widowers, and children with contributions to hospital fees, home nursing and home help following injury or illness. The Fund gives financial assistance to dependants of officers of all three services, whether serving or retired, and widows or widowers of officers can continue their membership at the same rates and with the same benefits.

We are a very useful and immediate short-term health insurance

Colonel Mike Vickery - Sceretary, Lady Grover's Fund

“We are a very useful and immediate short-term health insurance”, says Colonel Mike Vickery, the retired cavalry officer who is Secretary of Lady Grover’s Fund.

“We look after members of all ages who need quick financial assistance to cover a short-term problem. Our Home Help package is a very popular grant which pays for domestic help in the home. This really helps people recovering from illness, injury or surgery in that difficult time when they come home from hospital but can’t manage the household chores. At £40 a year subscription for a potential payout of £6930 a year it’s a real deal in health insurance in these hard times.”

For more information on eligibility and benefits visit the Lady Grover's Fund website.