OA launch LinkedIn online tutorial for jobseekers

The OA have launched a series of online tutorial videos to help Service Leavers understand how to use LinkedIn to maximise their job searching and networking goals.

Led by Lincoln Coutts, Executive Careers Coach and renowned LinkedIn Expert, this series of 6 bitesize videos are designed to be delivered directly into your inbox and accessed at a time and place convenient to the job seeker audience.

This exclusive series will cover everything from how to get started, privacy and security, how to build your profile and growing your network. By the end of the week after viewing all 6 video clips, job seekers will have all the information required to create a basic and robust LinkedIn profile to help maximise their job searching efforts.

Liz Stevens Head of Employment Services says: “This online course is part of our continuing push to expand our services for job seekers and enable greater accessibility at a time and place that is convenient to them. This, in conjunction with our Employment App which will be launched at our London Symposium on 13th December, represents a growing commitment to digitalise our services and respond to feedback to make more available via mobile technology.

Chris Naughton, the OA’ Learning and Career Development Manager says, “LinkedIn is an essential tool for networking and one that every professional should be able to use with confidence. This course, designed and delivered by Lincoln Coutts, has been developed in response to the OA’s aim for every Service leaver to have an effective profile that positively promotes and assists them in meeting their transition goals.

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Need more convincing? Here are six compelling reasons to use LinkedIn:

  1. Allows the job seeker to find out about interviewers (ie before an interview) and to research about companies/employers.
  2. Having a fit-for-purpose LinkedIn profile will allow you to get noticed by employers, recruiters and headhunters.
  3. Can be used as a tool for effective networking.
  4. LinkedIn is becoming a job search engine- ie more and more recruiters and employers are now advertising jobs on LinkedIn.
  5. Allows you to maintain relationships throughout your career even if you can’t always meet up face-to-face.
  6. Allows you to build knowledge and credibility through group discussions.