Few places remain at Tesco armed forces recruitment event

Think Tesco is all about stacking shelves? Think again.

Tesco has launched a drive to recruit former military personnel into high level careers across the company, offering jobs in everything from communications to logistics, security to project management.

Special Insight Event on careers in Tesco
1st February 2017, Tesco HQ, Welwyn Garden City

Note: Nearly two in three places have already been reserved on this valuable insight day. Don’t miss out.

This event has now expired.

“I didn’t have the technical or commercial language or knowledge. I just faced the problem we were given as I would have done had it been an exercise in the military. They were clearly impressed and I was offered the job a couple of weeks later.”
Marcus Denison, former Infantry Officer and now Head of Business Resilience at Tesco

More about the Insight Day

The UK’s biggest grocery retailer, Tesco, has launched a recruitment drive aimed at former military personnel, supported by the Officers Association and Tesco’s own Armed Forces Network.

A limited number of places have quickly been taken up for a special recruitment Insight Day, to be hosted at the retailer’s head office, on 1st February 2017. Only a few places remain.

The day will highlight how working for Tesco, particularly in the company’s management functions rather than on the ‘shop floor’, make an ideal fit for transitioning Officers.

Tesco already has its own Armed Services Network which supports former military personnel in their careers at the retailer. It is the only retailer to have been awarded the Employer Recognition Scheme’s Gold Award for supporting ex forces personnel following service.

Potential candidates are not required to have particular qualifications or experience in our target recruitment areas, said Nikki McConkey, Tesco head office recruiter.

“We want to look at what a candidate brings to the table. We recognise those from a military background are coming with skills and experience, rather than particular qualifications.”

Tesco employs more than 300,000 people in the UK. It has current vacancies particularly suited to ex-Officers, including:

  • Project management
  • Technical
  • Procurement
  • Buying and planning
  • Supply chain management
  • Security
  • Quality Assurance

Find out more about the positions available, how you may already be a perfect fit and how to apply.

This event has now expired.