I’d Love to Work for Myself but…

The independent life appeals to many and, as long as you have something valuable to offer, it can be hugely rewarding. Like most things in life though, success doesn’t happen by chance. If you are going to succeed, then, like any other business, you are going to have to market yourself effectively.

In this webinar you will learn what marketing yourself really means and why you don’t have to be afraid of it!

  • See more clearly the solid foundations of a successful independent career
  • Identify the high level options for the type of work you are good at and enjoy
  • Understand the difference between consulting and interim management
  • See through the misunderstanding about marketing, selling and networking that puts many people off this route

Joining us for this webinar is Simon Berry; Simon has worked as an interim manager, consultant, coach, facilitator, trainer and speaker for the past twenty years. Prior to that he was a director of NCR Ltd, a global computer company. His clients have spanned many industries including technology, financial services, government and professional services and include organisations such as Intel, SGI, HSBC, Cobham, Polycasa, Thomas International, RBoS, Ace and many more. In addition, he has worked with over 2,500 interim managers and consultants to help them build successful independent careers.


Watch the webinar: