OA delighted to support a new Networking Group in Birmingham

Former Army Officer Mark Wilson Ramsay is primed to bring former and serving military officers together as he sets up a new networking group based in Birmingham.

The networking group will be known as the Midlands Military Meet (M3) and will meet for the first time on 2nd March, 19.30-21.30 at The Old Contemptibles, 176 Edmund Street, Birmingham, B3 2HB.

The group’s aim is to draw on the experience of officers from all backgrounds in order to share knowledge and insight with those in transition from the Services in an informal setting.

After a nine-year career, Mark left the Forces in November 2016 and appreciates that leaving the military for the civilian world can be a daunting process. “The resettlement process can be a lonely one and some service leavers underestimate how to adapt to civilian life but we can learn from each other as we each know what the other is facing. This new networking group aims to provide opportunities to do just that”, says Mark.

“Networking can come in many different forms and present many different opportunities so we encourage people to think about networking in its broadest sense. Attending a local military networking group such as the one Mark is setting up, can be a great start to building and developing your networking skills in a relaxed, informal environment,” commented Liz Stevens, Head of Employment at the OA.

The OA supports a number of groups run by volunteers, (often) Ex-Services, who provide opportunities to meet face-to-face with others with shared experiences to connect, offer advice and act as a trusted sounding board.

Find out more about the M3 Networking Group.

Register to attend or visit the LinkedIn Group ‘Midlands Military Meet’.