‘Forces into Health’ LinkedIn Group Gathers Momentum

A recently launched LinkedIn networking group, run by former officers has galvanised interest from within the Services community and now boasts over 100 members.

The ‘Forces into Health’ group consists of former officers, non-military healthcare professionals and those in transition interested in healthcare. The group discussion focuses on the sector’s talking points and career opportunities and clearly resonates with the growing number of ex-forces personnel who have transitioned or are thinking of transitioning into the sector.

Simon Diggins, a former officer who helps to run the group comments “I am more convinced than ever that the skills-sets of ex military personnel are relevant and vital for the future well-being of the sector.”

In the wake of the government’s ‘Sustainability and Transformation Plans’ (STP) Simon plans to prompt further discussions on members’ experiences of integrating health and social care. What will work? What will need to be improved, what can we learn and what can we bring from our military experience to bear?

“The success of the ‘Forces into Health’ group demonstrates the strong relationship between the Armed Forces and the health sector. The group actively discusses issues and opportunities within healthcare, with members asking questions and sharing their own insight. I would encourage anyone interested in healthcare to join this group and get involved”, says Pete Liddle, Business Development Manager at the OA.

In addition, there is an active ‘Forces into Health’ networking group that hold regular meetings in London. Details can be found on the OA Events page when the next meeting is confirmed.