2017 is the year of the Virtual Careers Fair!

“A Virtual Event is a gathering of people sharing a common virtual environment on the web, rather than meeting in a physical location. Virtual events are highly interactive, looking and feeling a lot like their physical counterparts. Popular uses of virtual events include virtual tradeshows, virtual job fairs, virtual conferences and virtual companywide gatherings. Virtual events are used to deliver presentations, trainings, meetings and sessions led by stakeholders from company executives to human resources.” – (Wikipedia)

The ‘Ex-Military in Management Virtual Careers Fair’, is the result of several months of collaboration between the OA and SaluteMyJob (SMJ) and it is scheduled to go live across 2 days on June 6th-7th. The platform will provide an environment for delegates and employers to interact with each other seamlessly in a live, virtual setting. It’s an exciting and, potentially, highly rewarding event to attend so please read on to see how the 3Ps can start to help you prepare the right mind-set as early as possible.


Be sure to take part in the sneak preview of the platform (further details about this will be coming out shortly). During the preview time you can practice using the chat functions and navigate your way around the careers zone. This will help you familiarise yourself with the environment and its functionality. Don’t forget to develop a list of expected questions and your responses (a bit like a cheat sheet!). You’ll see that many employers will ask you the same sorts of questions, so the OA recommends you create a document of these common questions and your responses so that you can simply have them at hand and ready to expand on. Please keep an eye on our blog series for further tips and details about preparing for employer interaction.


For the vast majority of delegates, this will be the first time that they have attended a virtual careers fair so allow yourself time to adjust to the environment. Please bear in mind that other delegates will be speaking to a variety of employers and recruiters during the live event, so they may take a while to respond to your chat requests. As in the non-virtual world, don’t go into an employer’s stand and simply ask for a job; engage in polite conversation first and you’ll be directed to the content and postings loaded in the stand. Apply the same sort of etiquette as you would in the real, physical world. Further details about this approach will feature in a future blog so please watch this space.


If you happen to have any downtime during the event, be sure to stay proactive in the virtual environment. For example, visiting the networking lounge to network with other delegates, employers or recruiters. Networking is a key skill and we’ll be providing further insight into this in future blogs and webinars as we approach the virtual careers fair.

This is the first of a series of blogs and top tips aimed at gearing you up for the OA/SMJ ‘Ex-Military in Management Virtual Careers Fair’ scheduled for June 6th-7th 2017.

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