NHS Step Into Health Programme

This programme offers potential employees the opportunity to understand whether working for the NHS and the potential career path is right for them. In addition, as a result of the Step into Health Programme, an informal buddying system has evolved within the Trust where staff with a military background have come forward to offer mentoring, advice and support to those undertaking placements and starting jobs in the NHS.

The Step into Health Process:

Information Day

  • 6 Information Days are run every year
  • Sessions run typically between 0900 - 1500 or as half days, depending on the Trust
  • Presentations by the Trust on working for the NHS as well as Serco, the service partner of NHS
  • Tour of the hospital is also included

Work Placement Application

  • Following on from the Information Day, interested service leavers are invited to apply for a potential work placement in an area they are interested in

Work Placement

  • Following regulatory disclosure forms and clearance, each service leaver is matched with a potential work placement to suit their personal needs and interests
  • Work placements can range from half a day to 4 weeks depending on the needs of the service leaver


  • Following the work placement, a one-to-one review is carried out with the service leaver to identify the impact of the placement and to discuss future plans

Application for Job

  • Service leavers are then invited to apply for jobs that are currently open in their area of interest
  • This application process is the same as for all NHS jobs

Following success at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital (NNUH) Trust, the Step Into Health programme has been rolled out across various other trusts including Northumbria, Hampshire, London and Sheffield. The aim is to expand the programme to further locations across the UK in order to provide a wider, national access to Service leavers.

Further information about the programme and webinars are available here