Management roles offering reward and opportunity at Siemens UK

With a core strategy aligned to global trends and digital transformation, Siemens understands more than ever the fundamental benefits of hiring ex-military personnel.

For transitioning officers, knowing that military skills are recognised by successful and prosperous businesses across the UK is an encouraging prospect, but many of these organisations also view the work of service leavers as a huge opportunity for the future of their businesses.

To illustrate this, Anna Gardiner, Talent Acquisition Manager at Siemens UK, joined a recent OA webinar and showed us how much ex-military personnel are valued.

As well as being responsible for recruitment and delivery processes across all Siemens UK businesses, Anna also leads on a project to better engage with service leavers. “We recognise the need to attract the skills belonging to that of a more diverse background and that we can’t keep tapping into the same talent pools”, says Anna.

One of the top five engineering employers in the UK, Siemens UK directly employs 14,000 staff across 28 major sites, with a very strong culture around personal development. Siemens’ positioning is based on the impact they can have on society to shape global trends, a philosophy their employees are proud to be a part of. “We really feel the value that the organisation brings to the UK and economy”, says Anna Gardiner.

Demonstrating their commitment to investing in skills in the UK, Siemens has developed dedicated training facilities that support the implementation of ex-military skills and expertise throughout the country. The diversity of skills and backgrounds belonging to the military is a key contributor to the success and growth of an already lucrative and prominent organisation. Service-leavers who have successfully transitioned into a career at Siemens hold positions in project and operations management – a common career path for those with military backgrounds.

With a big emphasis on manufacturing, Siemens runs thirteen facilities across the UK, as well as the newly established state of the art Wind Power facility in Hull, offering jobs that function in many different capacities across the organisation.

One major growth area for Siemens is energy management, as they move towards a more digital grid and lead the way on intelligent infrastructure. By 2050, 70% of the world’s population will be living in cities, and so enabling cities to become smarter and more technologically integrated is one of their key objectives.

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