Building a Military Network

Network. Network. Network. This is a common theme whenever anyone is talking about transition or finding that next role. And it is effective: We estimate that 70% of Service leavers secure roles through their network. But what do you do if there is not a network in the area you are looking to settle?

This is exactly what Alex Nancolas and John Mayo found when they were looking to settle in Yorkshire.  Although there were many officers in the region, there was no established link between everyone. Alex and John therefore formed the Two Roses in August 2013.

This webinar explores the practicalities of setting up a military network; how to build the group; how to organise the meetings; how to keep supporters engaged.

If you are looking to set up your own network or build one you have set up, this is the webinar for you. If you are interested in what military networks are about, this webinar will give you the background and show you why you should get involved and support your local networks.


Watch the webinar: