More Opportunities within the Land Based Sector – HighGround 2017

Have you ever considered a career in the land-based sector?

Do you know what the land-based sector is?

HighGround is a charity whose mission is Life beyond the military – Outdoors.

They help Service Leavers, Reservists and Veterans to find jobs, carers and vocational opportunities in farming, forestry, conservation, landscape design and much more.

HighGround are tri-service with a role is to provide advice and support in the form of information, introductions and contacts with Rural Weeks at its core.

A Rural Week is fully funded and residential, at an agricultural collage (currently Bicton College in Devon) where subject matter experts give introductions to their area of the land-based sector – what training and qualifications are needed; where to find training; salary expectations and how military skills and experience map into it.

By the end of the Rural Week HighGrounders will have an overview of the land-based sector and we follow up 7 working days later to plan accessing training, arranging work experience in the UK and overseas or for those still serving how we will keep in touch and help to prepare for transition.

HighGround are based in Westminster and for those who know what they want to do but still need introductions and advice, they have Career Guides online, and encourage people to talk to them at Horseferry Road.

HighGround has an ever-growing network of farms, estates, vineyards, nurseries, forestry companies, fencing contractors and more who are keen to offer work experience opportunities to make HighGrounders more employable – what are you waiting for?


Watch the webinar: