Identify your Transferable Skills – Mind Flip

Why should someone hire YOU? How are you going to stand out against the other candidates on a short-list and show a potential employer that you have the skills they need? And how do you convince someone to hire you if your experience doesn’t exactly match the job description?

These are some of the toughest dilemmas facing job seekers, both military and civilian.

We are delighted that one of the UK’s leading career experts, executive coach and author of Mind Flip, Zena Everett, is going to show us how to solve these dilemmas ( After starting then running a successful recruitment business, Zena did her own career change, selling the business and retraining as an Organisational Psychologist and Cognitive Behavioural Coach. She uses her insider knowledge of how the recruitment industry works to help her coaching clients find and sell their unique mix of skills, knowledge, experience and networks.

In this webinar Zena explains:
• Her philosophy of Mind Flipping: to flip your focus away from yourself and instead look outwards – on to the value you add and the problems you, uniquely, can solve for other people
• How Mind Flipping makes it much easier to sell yourself, overcome hurdles and break through networks
• The reality of the ‘underground’ recruitment market place and the quickest way to find jobs
• How recruiters really evaluate your CV and how you get filed on their databases
• How to figure out your unique mix of skills, knowledge and experience and get hired


Watch the webinar: