Could you be a Consultant?

Consultancy is a good career option for many leaving the Armed Forces, but is it right for you?

What is consultancy?

A consultant is hired by an organisation to help with a task or project it is unable to complete on its own.

Why former officers can be great consultants

  • Experienced at project management.
  • Experienced at working independently.
  • Ex-military Personnel are respected in the civilian workplace.
  • It can offer similar rewards to being in the military, providing dynamic and challenging opportunities.

How to choose your specialism

  • Choose a specialism that interests you – look at your skills and experiences to help decide.
  • Understand your potential client’s needs, and see if your expertise could help.
  • While in the Armed Forces use your training credits for project and commercial management courses, so you are business ready when you leave.

How to find work

  • Be clear on the support you can provide an organisation.
  • Ask your network of friends, families and business contacts for leads.
  • Develop your network on LinkedIn and attend networking events, including those run by the OA.
  • Research online what industries are hiring consultants.
  • Cold call and email companies that you would like to work for, or you know have opportunities.

Why consulting is not for everyone

  • The lifestyle and pressures can be similar to being in the military, and you may want something different in your new career.
  • Often involves lots of travelling, and spending time away from family, sometimes for long periods.
  • The income can be irregular, with quiet and busy periods.
  • If you are self-employed you will often be looking for new work, and be responsible for your tax and pension.
  • You have to keep on good terms with clients, and some can be very demanding.

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