OA Leads Discussion on Recruiting Veterans Aged 50 plus

Yesterday the OA launched a roundtable discussion, in partnership with Alexander Mann Solutions (AMS), on recruiting veterans aged 50 plus.

Top UK companies attended the event hosted by AMS at their London headquarters. The discussion focused on ‘Older Veterans – An Untapped Talent?’ a report which compared the transition experience of Veterans leaving the Services pre and post the age of 50. This primary research was commissioned by the OA and conducted by Chime Insight and Engagement Group.

Rosaleen Blair, Founder and CEO of AMS, opened the event, which was chaired by Sir David Walker, Non Executive Director and facilitated by the OA team.

According to the research, veterans aged 50 or older are:

  • 12% less likely to find a job
  • 7% more likely to be looking for a job when they leave the military
  • 10% less likely to find a job by directly applying for a role through a recruiter or to an employer.

Older veterans identified the following barriers to employment:

  • 41% have been told they are over qualified for a role
  • 50% feel employers think they not get on with non-military staff
  • 45% feel employers believe they cannot learn new skills
  • 47% feel employers are not keen to employ them.

A white paper is being developed, which will provide a full review of the findings and reflections from the employer discussions on the key issues.

Liz Stevens, Head of Employment Services at the OA, said: “Before embarking on this project, feedback from our Service Leavers suggested there were additional challenges faced by those leaving the military after a longer career in finding sustainable and suitable employment. Our initial findings have confirmed this is the case and we are looking forward to developing our research in this area and broadening its scope.”

For more information email Dr Mazia Yassim.