Network to Develop Your Leadership Style, by Stephen Fletcher

Stephen Fletcher, Founder of The Leaders Club, discusses leadership and how our networking event in Bristol will help you.

About Stephen
Stephen Fletcher is the founder and Chief Executive of The Leaders Club (TLC).

What is The Leaders Club (TLC)?
TLC is a networking organisation for inspiring and developing leaders founded in 2009. Its motto is ‘Bringing Great Minds Together’, and the group invites industry experts to speak at events. TLC will soon host its 100th event, with meetings taking place almost monthly in London and Liverpool.

TLC is supporting the next OA South West networking event in Bristol, where Karl Tucker, MD of Yeo Valley, will discuss his commercial leadership experience, and the challenges he has faced.

The event is Wednesday 22nd November 2017, 18:30-21:30, at the M Shed in Bristol. Book your place now.

It’s lonely at the top, isn’t it? People looking to you, at you and for you. If everything is going well then it’s wonderful – you can almost taste it. But if not, you are on your own. So who do you turn to when times are tough? Who do you ask for advice when you’re not sure of the right direction to go in, and who will be your sounding board when you need encouragement and support for a decision you’ve already made?

As a leader, you need to show authority and determination and you may be reluctant to admit to weaknesses or uncertainty, especially when you are working hard to prove yourself worthy in a new role. However, it is essential that you also understand that you can make better decisions and be a better leader by drawing on the expertise and experience of others. The continuous learning journey that we are all on relies upon the strength of our support networks and our ability to use them.

Despite this, we don’t always know where to turn or how to make the most of feedback and advice. Many of us will avoid turning to colleagues or superiors for answers, even if they are the best equipped to provide them, for fear of showing ignorance or inexperience. Instead, it is often friends and family who are the first port of call. But what do they actually know and how relevant is their experience?

What makes a good networking event?
I think you need an eclectic group of interesting people. Meeting people from a diverse range of backgrounds means you are more likely to discover new ideas and different ways of thinking.

Leadership can be isolating, so these events give you the opportunity to meet other people in a similar situation. You can also get advice, make friends and learn from other people’s experiences.

Who should attend the upcoming Networking event?
Former and serving officers wanting to gain knowledge and insight into the commercial world. You will also learn about business opportunities in the South West, and network with a diverse range of business professionals.