Could an internship be right for you?

Being an intern can help you gain vital work experience and industry insight.

Lisa Jones, an OA Career Consultant, recently ran a webinar with Charlie Perkins and Guy Amir from Goldman Sachs to discuss its Veterans’ Integration Programme. Lisa Jones served in the Army, and then worked in the City before joining the OA. Both Charlie and Guy served in the Army and then joined the Goldman Sachs Veterans’ Integration Programme. As a consequence of the internship they secured full time permanent roles at the multinational Investment Bank.

Here is their advice on internships.

Why become an intern?

  • Often paid work experience
  • Often an opportunity for subsequent full time employment
  • On-the-job training
  • Structured support
  • Networking opportunities
  • Exposure to senior leadership

Am I too senior to be an ‘intern’?
No. Although you are an experienced military leader, you probably lack the specific skills often needed to break into a different industry. An internship gives you the opportunity to gain the relevant experience quickly. It can also be like an extended interview, giving you the opportunity to demonstrate how you would benefit an organisation if they employed you. Most employers will respect your military experience, especially on a veterans’ internship, and treat you as a peer. A genuine interest and enthusiasm for the industry as well as a willingness to learn is key.

How do I find an internship?
It is usually better to apply for a veteran specific internship, or gain work experience with a military friendly employer. Then check their websites, or contact their HR departments, to see what opportunities are available.

About the Goldman Sachs Veteran Integration Programme
The Goldman Sachs Veterans’ Integration Program (VIP) provides people leaving the military the opportunity to develop their professional skills, understanding of financial services and prepare for careers in the industry. Participants complete a curriculum, giving veterans the chance to explore the firm’s diverse career opportunities in a paid program.

Key Dates
5th November – Application Deadline
15th November – First Round Interviews Launch (via Hire Vue)
w/c 4th December – Final Round Onsite Interviews
Friday 9th March – Pre-Programme Induction Day
w/c 12th March – 2-Week Programme Commences

Find out more about the Goldman Sachs VIP.

Watch the webinar