20th November 2018: OA Webinar – The value of an MBA (2018)

Dr Mils Hills runs the largest Masters of Business Administration (MBA) ‘top up’ programme for serving and veteran military personnel in the UK. In this week’s webinar, Mils will outline a surprisingly affordable (especially if using ELCs) pathway to an MBA via distance-learning that requires no prior qualifications and is complete in two years.

A Masters degree is rapidly becoming a necessity for eligibility to promotion in the private sector – but there is no need to over-specialise and restrict career options with, for example, one which focuses on defence studies. An MBA is both a generic and widely recognised business qualification, but also – through the dissertation – one which enables you to become a subject-matter expert in a specific field as well. Indeed, through dissertation research – students often make connections which lead to jobs, establish their own consultancies based on their findings or have something interesting to talk about at a job interview or assessment centre. An MBA has, for many graduates of my programme, made the difference in getting a job between two otherwise identically qualified and experienced candidates. In addition, with the confidence of those three letters on your CV you may well perform better under pressure knowing that civilians now have no advantage over you.

Mils will summarise the pathway and then be open to Q&A about any of the concerns you may have about such study (no, you don’t need to do lots of financial analysis), how it can fit around your busy life (no, you don’t need to study for 20 hours a week!) and how affordable it is (no, you do not need to consider spending more than £7,000 in total).

Time: 18:30

Date: Tuesday 20th November

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