Career Consultant Becomes Army Reserve Officer

Graeme Taylor, a freelance career consultant for the OA, recently commissioned.

Graeme had a long career in the Army as a Royal Engineer. In the latter part of his regular career he focused on outdoor education and performance coaching, before leaving to start his own business as an executive coach and management consultant. Graeme has worked with many high profile organisations, including Ernst & Young, Carillion, Ministry of Defence, NHS and the Home Office. He works on behalf of the OA to provide careers advice to transitioning and former officers living in the North of England.

He was invited to join the Army Reserves in 2011, and was delighted to be asked to attend an intensive officer selection process, alongside other Reservists and Regulars in the Royal Engineers. The process lasted three days and included group discussions, verbal briefings, interviews, planning exercises and written submissions. Graeme has been appointed as a training officer in 299 (Parachute) Squadron, which will use both his previous military and commercial skills and experiences.

Graeme said: “I’m proud to become an officer in the Army Reserves, having supported serving and former officers to find new careers for several years. I look forward to using my professional development skills to help my colleagues progress with their careers in the Army and beyond.”

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