How to Get the Most out of the OA Employment Symposium

Here are our top tips to maximise the benefits of attending the biggest career event exclusively for the officer community.

About the OA Employment Symposium
The OA Employment Symposium in London is the ‘must attend event’ for officers looking to get a head start in their next career after leaving the Services. With its rich employer led content, it brings together serving and former officers with industry experts.


  • Decide what career advice and industry insights you want to gain.
  • Research the speakers and topics, including the breakout sessions you are attending.
  • Prepare four brief points about yourself, relating to you being an employee.


  • Avoid spending the whole day with your friends – speak to other people, especially the speakers.
  • Ask for the contact details of the people you meet.
  • Remember you are not there to get a job, but to gain career insight.
  • Think about how you can help new contacts.
  • Take notes on the key career points.


  • Add contacts on LinkedIn and message them, or send an email.
  • Create an action plan, based on the knowledge gained at the OA Employment Symposium.
  • Take the next step towards your new career!

Watch the livestream
Tickets have sold out for the OA Employment Symposium, but you can watch a livestream of the main talks for free. Register now for the live stream.