New Year New Career

Make 2018 the year you get the job you want.

If at the end of last year you were feeling dissatisfied with the direction you career was heading in, then you might want to consider a change. Easier said than done, but engineering a career move or a change in role is perfectly possible, provided you plan carefully and make the effort. Here are some top tips.

Find the job you want
Maximise your potential by choosing a career that interests you. Identify what you want from work, both on a day-to-day and long-term basis. Do you want to travel? Work flexible hours or work from home? What new skills do you want to gain?

For more information on choosing the right career, read this article on researching.

What are your values?
Think carefully about your values, and ensure your career aligns with them. Your needs and values are the foundation to build an authentic you. Do you want a job that helps people? Is providing for your family the main priority? These should be the key drivers in identifying your next job or career.

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Are you prepared to begin again?
Are you willing and able to start at the bottom and retrain in a new field? Although you should not be afraid to take the plunge, consider the implications for you and your family. A junior role with a small salary can be disheartening, but remember to take the long term view and remind yourself why you were looking for a career change in the first place. Success is a journey, not a destination.

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You are not alone
Remember, lots of people have been in your position before. Learn from their example and research what route they took. Many people experience failure but emerge again in successful new careers.

Meet other people in a similar position by joining our Officers’ In Transition Facebook Group.

Think differently
Adopt a new mind-set and change the way you think. Recognise your skills and experiences, and understand how you can use them to adapt to the challenges ahead. Do you have great organisational skills? Are you a good researcher? Can you build strong relationships with clients? Identifying your transferable skills will help to develop your new career and promote you to potential employers.

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Avoid regrets
Will you regret not changing your career or job? Reminding yourself of what will happen if you stay in your current job can be an excellent motivator. Choosing to stay in an unfulfilling job will only leave you feeling increasingly frustrated and despondent. If changing careers will ultimately lead to a happier and more fulfilling life, then the risk is worth considering.

Stay motivated by seeing what exciting opportunities are available on the OA Executive Jobs Board.

How the OA can help
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And finally
Carpe Diem!