OA Awards Grants to Help with Care Costs

In 2016/17 the OA helped 28 people with Care Home top-up fees, totalling £66,987.

With an ageing population, more people will spend their latter years in a Care Home. For many the costs can be unaffordable, including for those in the officer community. Depending on the circumstances, the OA may be able to provide funding  towards paying Care Home top-up fees or for care at home.

Nigel Hare, Head of Benevolence at the OA, said: “Needing support can be emotionally challenging, which is more stressful if you have financial difficulties. The OA Benevolence Team is there to provide financial support, advice and guidance. We help former officers and their dependants to live with dignity.”

The OA provides financial support for officers after they have left the Services, and their dependants, if they find themselves in need. Grants can be one-off or regular payments and quite wide ranging depending on the person’s needs. Regular grants can go towards the general cost of living, as well as financing care support. The Team has helped with one-off payments for car repairs; funeral costs; rent arrears and white goods such as washing-machines.

For more information, phone 020 7808 4175.