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Deloitte is running an event specifically for veterans wanting to work in cyber.

Why attend?
Attendees will have the opportunity to find out what it is like to work in a professional services firm, with a particular focus on working in the public sector cyber security team.

Throughout the day attendees will have the chance to hear from and meet with veterans who have made the transition from across the Armed Forces. There will be tips on how to make the transition from service life, plus an opportunity to register interest in an assessment centre for roles in the cyber team.

11:30am-5:30pm, 19th February 2018

Deloitte London, 2 New Street Square, London, EC4A 3BZ

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To find out more about the Military Insight Day, Ashka Raval, OA Recruitment Consultant, interviewed Chris Recchia, Partner in Risk Advisory, Liz Coombs and Lyn Webb, from Deloitte’s Military Transition and Talent Programme.

What can we expect from the Deloitte Military Insight Day?
Liz Coombs:
“It is not a recruitment event per se. The day is all about providing transition support and as much advice and networking opportunities as possible. This one is focussed more on cyber, and on the day we will provide a variety of case studies. You’ll meet veterans who have been in your situation and they will talk about how they made their transition; what transferrable skills they’re now using in their day-to-day roles. There will be tips on how you sell those transferable skills and how to civilianise your CV.”

What do you think veterans bring to the business, and what areas of transition do they find the most challenging?
Chris Recchia:
“Veterans bring with them a wealth of experience, and individuals shouldn’t underestimate what they bring to an organisation. What you should also do is think about what those things are. I encourage people to look at their military career and think about what those attributes are, what they can bring and importantly how they can add value to an organisation.

“Management and leadership skills are what I expect, but there are people who have been in key positions across the military that bring really technical skills. The Military Insight Day has been set up around cyber in recognition that there are leading skills in the military that commercial industry wants and needs.”

Liz Coombs:
“Veterans have a can-do attitude and are great problem solvers and project managers.“

Many of our candidates believe that Deloitte is only about accountancy and tax services, is this true?
Liz Coombs:
“Deloitte is very diverse and most people are probably unaware of the scope of opportunities offered. Many veterans are employed in risk advisory and consultancy, but we also have them working in tax, recruiting, IT and HR.“

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The answers are adapted from a live interview, which you can watch below.