What is the KPMG Military Internship Programme?

Sid Welham and Lesley Gold explain how the KPMG Military Internship Programme works for veterans.

Why does KPMG have a Military Internship Programme?
Four years ago, Sid saw that KPMG could benefit from recruiting people with military experience. Many competitors and clients already had military recruitment programmes, and Sid thought that KPMG were missing out on some incredible talent. He therefore established the Military Internship Programme to attract and develop Veterans and reservists, so they are prepared for commercial careers.

How does the internship work?
Unlike most internship programmes, KPMG hires people as roles become available in the business. Instead of recruiting a set number of people to complete work experience programme, a person is hired to fulfil a specific role.

Opportunity not charity
The internship is not a handout to make life easier for Veterans and reservists, but is an opportunity for them to gain commercial skills and experiences. All participants are employed on a six-month contract, with a paid salary. This gives them sufficient time to learn the role, develop skills and make a genuine impact on the business. So far everyone who has completed the internship has successfully transitioned into a permanent position at KPMG.

Who is eligible to apply?
Anyone who served in the Armed Forces or is a reservist, and is looking for their first paid employment after leaving the military.

Military interns are usually recruited into which business area of KPMG?
Participants can work across the business in both client facing and internal roles, including:

  • Audit
  • Central services
  • Consultancy
  • Sales and Pursuits
  • Tax

Keep an open mind about what area you want to work in. You may find your preconceptions were wrong after gaining experience in that area. Additionally, you may find that the area of the business you complete your initial fixed-term contract may not be the area you target for permanent employment within the firm. You may find another part of the business you would be more suited to.

What’s the application process?
Four to five months before you want to start an internship, email your CV to Lesley Gold. Once an initial vetting has taken place, potential candidates will be added to a ‘talent pool’ and considered as and when suitable roles arise.

As there are no set ‘military intake’ dates. Candidates are matched to suitable roles on a case by case basis. When KPMG recruits for a role that could be a good fit for a military intern, Sid and Lesley will speak to the hiring manager. If everyone agrees, then vetted candidates will be interviewed for the role.

What level are the jobs?
Military interns will usually join as Managers. For certain client facing roles the offer will be at the Assistant Manager grade due to a lack of consulting and commercial skills. KPMG will endeavour to promote to Manager Level once the required experience has been gained. Therefore, plan for long-term success, not short-term gains.

About Sid Welham
Sid Welham is the Chief Operating Officer, Financial Services, at KPMG and is a former officer in the Royal Welsh.

About Lesley Gold
Lesley Gold is a Recruitment Manager within KPMG’s experienced hire function and the Recruitment Lead for the KPMG Military Internship Programme.

About Ashka Raval
Ashka is a Recruitment Consultant at the OA.

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