“It’s exciting to start a new business,” Neil Williams’s Story

The former Royal Marines officer shares his transition journey.

Neil Williams joined the Royal Marines in 2009, serving for eight years. In that time he completed a tour of Afghanistan, was part of the Lead Commando Group and became head of Tactical Development at 3 Commando Brigade HQ. He enjoyed being in the Armed Forces, but when his wife became pregnant he decided to prioritise his family and left in November 2017.

He was unsure of his employment options, but as part of his transition he took courses in project and business management. At a training session he met an OA Business Development Manager. This led to him attending two career consultations over three months. The OA Career Consultants encouraged Neil to network and helped him to identify business management as his preferred profession.

Neil said: “Thanks to the OA Career Consultants advice and support, I understood my career options and identified the job roles I wanted.”

Upon leaving the Armed Forces, Neil was interested in two jobs: an airport Incident Ops Manager and an Operations Manager for an internet marketing company. He focused on the latter but the role fell through, forcing him to start again.

Undeterred, through his network he met the owner of a private investment business based in Brighton, who wanted to start a recruitment agency. As a veteran, Neil was motivated, had strong leadership skills and could deliver results in tough environments, making him the ideal candidate to set-up and run the company. After meeting, he hired Neil, who is now the CEO of Crucial Group Ltd, which specialises in recruitment, cyber security and data protection.

Neil said: “It’s exciting to start a new business, but also a little daunting. However, the OA helped me to realise that the many skills I gained in the Royal Marines are valued in the private sector.”

You can read Neil’s transition story, as well as other veterans’, in our latest Impact Report.

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