What Does a Good Employer Look Like?

You spend much of your time at work, so it is important you have a supportive and engaging employer. 

In a recent webinar, Pete Liddle, OA Business Development Manager, spoke to Michelle Mook, Owner and Director of Pro-Development (UK) Limited, which helps organisations to improve employee, retention, morale, performance and productivity. Michelle discussed how good employers effectively engage with staff, and the importance of finding one that matches your values.

Employee engagement matters
Employee engagement is key to business success, but only a third of employees in the UK feel engaged. Before applying for a role, research potential employers to see how they engage staff. A good employer is likely to have policies and procedures on employee engagement, which will be published on the company website and social media channels. Here are 10 approaches they could take:

  • Encourage colleagues to contribute to a vision that motivates and inspires
  • Have open, effective and two-way communication
  • Ensure that the senior management team has a good relationship with employees
  • Involve staff in decision-making
  • Develop managers’ leadership skills
  • Create a supportive team environment
  • Ensure all colleagues feel valued, by recognising and rewarding their contributions fairly
  • Give employees opportunities to play to their strengths where possible
  • Give employees opportunities to develop skills and progress within the organisation
  • Ensure that everyone shares the organisation’s values.

Find the right employer for you
Everyone’s needs are different so find an employer that matches yours. Ask yourself the following:

  • What engages you?
  • What is important to you?
  • What is your deal breaker?

Spend time answering these questions. Skills can be learnt and developed but values and behaviours are what make you who you are. Your values will inform how you work, prioritise tasks and interact with colleagues. You can identify your values and character traits by completing online psychometric tests, such as VIA Character.

Check that a potential employer shares your values. Otherwise, you risk working for an organisation that is wrong for you. If your organisation has different values to you then this may lead to both parties feeling frustrated and an unhealthy working relationship. You will then spend more time and money trying to find another job, causing further stress in the meantime.

Make work more engaging
If you do find work unengaging, you can take positive steps to address this:

  • Identify why you find work unengaging
  • Identify how you can make work more engaging
  • Ask your manager for feedback on your work, and how you can develop
  • Get to know your colleagues better, to help you feel part of the team
  • Have open and honest conversations with your employer on how they can make you feel more engaged.

Most employers want their staff to enjoy work, so do not be afraid to admit there is an issue, and then work together to find solutions. Sometimes improving your current job is easier than finding a new one.



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