Career Paths at Royal Mail for Service Leavers

This webinar provides an overview of Royal Mail in the current climate. Former officers, Lyanne Maclean, Head of Fleet, and Simon Carpenter, Regional Head of Delivery Product Deployment, share their own experiences of the organisation and provide advice on possible career paths for service leavers.

Royal Mail Group is a £10.8 billion business and is the leading business parcel delivery service in the UK, making them well positioned for the online shopping boom. With a workforce of over 160,000, Royal Mail is in the top five largest PLC employers in the UK. The size of the organisation means that there a good quality roles available across the country.

Originally established in 1516, it is also an organisation that has experienced significant changes, especially in more recent years when it was floated on the London Stock Exchange. This change from public to private sector adds further complexity to an organisation of this size.

Watch the webinar: