How Effective is your Military Engagement Programme?

Increasingly more organisations are benefitting from recruiting veterans. Use the checklist below to see where your organisation fits on its military engagement journey.

How many of the criteria below does your organisation meet?


  • The business understands the commercial and social case for hiring veterans.
  • There is a dedicated individual to manage this work, in addition to their other responsibilities.
  • The organisation supports individuals in their fundraising efforts for military charities.
  • Relevant staff are trained.
  • There is a small amount of dedicated content on the website and/or intranet about the topic.
  • The business is aware of certain veterans in the organisation.


  • Activities happen across the business, such as military insight days, CV workshops and work experience placements.
  • The business has formally identified employees who are veterans and has engaged them in their work to recruit more.
  • The business has engaged with external organisations that can help recruit veterans.
  • There is an effort to promote how the organisation is ‘military friendly’.Work is underway to identify and remove any potential barriers in the recruitment process of veterans.


  • There is a joined up military employment strategy, embedded across the organisation with success measured in social and financial terms.
  • There is a dedicated member of staff, where ex-military recruitment appears in the job description and objectives.
  • Senior leaders drive the agenda internally.
  • There is a clear strategy with robust targets for the short and medium terms.Full public reporting in a language everyone can understand.
  • Internal and external stakeholders are engaged through a support network internally and strategic partnerships externally.


  • The business is training its supply chain so that work internally can have greater impact.
  • The business is actively working with external stakeholders (beyond the supply chain) to share knowledge.
  • The organisation has measured the impact of its work with veterans.
  • Visible, visionary leadership.
  • Prepared to openly challenge industry norms.
  • Brand synonymous with best practice in the area.
  • Highly effective training programme internally.
  • Gold award winner in the armed forces covenant.

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