Half of Military Families Feel ‘Disadvantaged About Family Life’

According to a new Ministry of Defence (MoD) report, which surveyed more than 5,000 spouses and civil partners of regular trained Service Personnel

In the UK Tri-Service Families Continuous Attitude Survey 2018, 50% of respondents said their family life was disadvantaged compared to the general public. 57% feel negatively about the amount of separation from their spouse. In addition, over a third stated they would be happier if their spouse chose to leave the Services.

However, military spouses do feel positively about several aspects. 61% are satisfied with their quality of life married to a member of the Armed Forces, rising to 66% for officers’ partners. Plus 83% said they are proud that their spouse is in the Services.

Nevertheless, the aforementioned issues can often inform an officer’s decision to leave the Armed Forces. They want a new career with a better work-life balance, which avoids relocating and being separated from family for extended periods. Another motivation is to support their partner’s career. In the MoD survey, 57% of all military spouses believe that Service life has a negative impact on their career.

This supports the findings in the Demographic Research of the Serving and Officer Community, commissioned by the Officers’ Association and funded by Forces in Mind Trust (FiMT). The research states that the ‘greater participation in the workforce of the (mainly) female partners of officers, is likely to lead to a higher turnover of officers with many leaving at a younger age than previously. This is likely to increase the need for services around transition, including finding accommodation, and help with the move into civilian employment for former officers.’

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