Transitioning into Aviation with General Electric

We are joined by former officers Tim Elliott and Jez Kerswill who will be providing an insight into working in the aviation supply chain industry for General Electric Aviation Systems and Dowty Propellers. The webinar will be exploring opportunities within GE and their experience of resettlement into the aviation industry.

Tim is currently working as the production leader for the Civil Power business unit specialising in manufacturing power distribution systems for Boeing and Gulfstream aircraft and Jez’s current role is business unit leader where he leads a team of 62 and specialises in servicing civil and military aircraft avionics and power systems.

GE Aviation has a specific recruitment programme for ex-military officers providing three eight-month rotations across the business plus training opportunities designed to utilise skills developed in the military. This programme also seeks to enhance knowledge of the aviation industry and GE to enable programme graduates to compete for challenging roles within the business. The recruiting bracket is usually SO3 – SO2.

GE is a positive veteran recruiter and whilst the jobs list is fluid, opportunities currently exist across manufacturing, sourcing, programme management, quality and engineering.

Watch the Webinar: