How did you decide on your career after the military? We need to know more…

Knowing where in the UK employers are recruiting and where veterans are living will be a key highlight of a study now underway to provide a comprehensive understanding of the employment landscape for Service leavers.

We are asking Service leavers to contribute their views and experiences to help build a data map on which the report will be based. This will help UK businesses gain a detailed understanding of veterans and provide veterans with a tool to benchmark salary expectations and areas of employment opportunities.

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The survey is open to veterans of all ranks and is aimed specifically at those who left the Forces after 2008.

  •  The survey will take around 10 minutes of your time, depending on your answers.
  • Please note: you will need to complete the survey in one sitting.

Your answers will not be saved if you exit the survey partway through and then re-enter it.
The Officers’ Association, together with Deloitte and the Forces in Mind Trust, are committed to gathering the data required to know what career aspirations veterans have and their determining factors when deciding on a job after leaving the military.

This report will be the third in a series of work from the Veterans Work group (comprised of the OA, Deloitte and FiMT) that asks businesses to consider veterans as part of their hiring strategy and challenges employers to recognise the value that Service leavers offer.

Complete the survey here

Should you wish to be emailed a hyperlink to the published report there is space at the end of the survey for you to provide your email address.

Your answers will remain completely anonymous and your responses will only be used for research purposes. Data in the report will be presented on aggregate and not attributed to individuals. Your data will be stored securely in accordance with the Data Protection Act and GDPR legislation.