It’s Cyber Security Month: Here’s How You Can Start Working in this Industry

October is European Cyber Security Month, which is the perfect opportunity to promote why it can be the ideal industry for veterans.

Cyber security is an exciting and growing field. Serving and former officers have many skills and experiences the industry needs, including adaptability, leadership, resilience and teamwork. The OA has been helping organisations to promote their cyber security events, including BT Security and Deloitte. To find the latest opportunities, visit the events page.

We regularly post cyber security roles on our Executive Jobs Board. The jobs are across the UK, from Lancashire to London, and at all levels. Many of the employers are world leading and actively recruit former officers, including Transport for London and BT. You can access the Executive Jobs Board once you have registered for the OA employment services.

Why is Cyber Security a Good Career Option for Veterans?
Nick Hartley, a former Group Captain in the RAF who now works for BT Security, shares his personal insights about working in cyber security.

Cyber security is a broad and diverse industry, with different opportunities. Many of the skills and experiences veterans have are highly sought after in the industry.

Working in cyber security for the commercial sector is more independent and less hierarchical, compared to the Armed Forces. There is also more individual responsibility on completing tasks. I talk to people because of their knowledge, skills and experiences, rather than rank, which is refreshing. I have also developed new skills, including learning about profit and loss within a commercial framework.

Service leavers and veterans have many transferrable skills for working in cyber security. Technical qualifications and skills are easily transferrable, being relevant to the role and recognised by the industry. For example, my MBA in Technology Management, from the Open University, has proven invaluable as has being a Chartered Engineer and a Chartered Physicist. The industry values excellent leadership, communication and presentation skills, which are all areas where veterans excel.

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