Did you leave the Forces after the age of 50? We want to hear from you

We are researching the experiences of those who left the Armed Forces at age 50 +, to understand the employment barriers they face.

Of the thousands of people who leave the Armed Forces every year around 1,000 of them are aged 50+. Many of those who leave aged 50 or over have reported difficulties deciding on their future career, translating their military experience to civilian employment and dealing with the change in work/life balance.

We are asking people of all ranks who have left, or are leaving, the Forces at 50+ to share their experiences of transition so we can better understand the challenges and employment barriers faced.

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Whether you found your transition hard or easy we want to know about your experiences. This research will help military charities, the veteran community, employers and the Ministry of Defence to gain a better understanding of how to support 50+ Service leavers in their transition to civilian life.

Join one of our group discussions or take our online survey to let us know your thoughts. This research project is cross-service and for all ranks.

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This project is managed by the Officers’ Association and funded by the Forces in Mind Trust (FiMT).