North East Firm TSG Marine Honoured for Work Recruiting Veterans

TSG Marine has won the 2019 Officers’ Association (OA) Employer Recognition Award, in recognition of its commitment to providing veterans with innovative and sustainable job opportunities in the North East of England.

The OA is the only Tri-Service military charity dedicated to helping the officer corps transition into civilian life. It awards the OA Employer Recognition Award every year to an employer who recognises and utilises the transferable skills and qualities of the officer corps as part of their overall recruitment strategy. This year the OA has decided to honour TSG Marine for its innovative ways of engaging with veterans, its commitment to recruiting them and its role as a job creator in the region.

Winner TSG Marine was founded in 2008 by former Royal Navy Reservist Allan Syme and provides services to the energy sector. Since engaging with the OA, the company has established a highly successful military recruitment strategy called the ‘Ex-Forces Talent Pipeline’, which is designed to address the skills gaps being identified by industry, as well as raise awareness of opportunities within the sector for veterans. As part of this strategy, TSG Marine has hosted 70+ Service leavers at its HQ in South Tyneside for a mixture of monthly ‘Insight Days’ and a bi-monthly ‘Commercial Experience Programme’.

The award presentation took place at the Ex-Forces in Business Awards dinner on Wednesday 8th May in London at the Park Lane Hilton Hotel. The purpose of the event is to celebrate the links between military values and business excellence. The event was attended by over 500 people.

Allan Syme, Managing Director at TSG Marine said:
“In our business we need people who can focus on the task in hand, get the job done and manage the project to the clients’ expectations. Armed Forces Service leavers have those skills in abundance which is why we recruit from this pool of unique individuals. Their experience translates exceptionally well into the civilian world, and we are proud to champion the benefits of employing veterans and provide them with training that aids their transition into the civilian workforce.

“It’s hugely rewarding to receive recognition from the Officers’ Association for the work we’ve done, but it’s crucial that we don’t get complacent, and we will continue to work hard to develop supportive environments where veterans can thrive and put their skills to use.”

Lee Holloway, CEO of the Officers’ Association said:
“The OA Employer Recognition Award is our acknowledgement and expression of thanks to TSG Marine for their on-going commitment to recruit from one of the most highly trained and skilled talent pools our country offers. It helps spread the word to other businesses about the value of hiring former military personnel and the absolute difference they can make to their workforce, their business and society as a whole.”