Officers have the skills to succeed at Highways England

Highways England will be running an Insight Day for military officers on 17th June. We catch up with Natalie Jones, Talent Specialist at Highways England, to find out why this is such a great opportunity for those looking for their next career after the Services.

Natalie, this is the second Insight Day Highways England are running for officers – what can we expect to see on the day?
Officers will have the opportunity to learn about the different business areas of Highways England, as well as the large variety of live roles we have on offer. We will also provide guests with advice on getting through our recruiting process, from initial CV writing to the final interview. We will have presentations from former officers now in our employment, discussing how they secured their roles, and their transition into the business.

You have lots of live roles advertised on the OA Executive Jobs Board – why does Highways England want to recruit officers?
The transferable skills of officers have added huge value to our business. A diverse workforce enhances our business, and we recruit former military people for their diversity of thought and experience.

You have been with Highways England for 2 years – what is it about the culture of the organisation that makes it a good place to work?
We are an organisation that has been on a journey of change and this is continuing. We’ve grown significantly over the last few years and with this brings the opportunity to really make a difference and influence the direction. We have an open and supportive culture and have a strong work life balance ethos.

Any top tips for getting through the initial CV sift?
Tailor for the audience! Remember that hiring managers may not have a military background, so remove any jargon and articulate your experiences clearly in civilian language. Also, don’t undersell your achievements. This isn’t just the case for your CV – the same applies in interview, talk about the difference you personally made. We’ll help you demystify our recruitment process on the 17th.

Why should officers attend this event?
To understand more about their personal fit within the business, and how they can match this with the roles we have.
To hear first hand what life at Highways England is like, especially understanding more about our culture and values.
So they can gain insight into our recruitment process, including what we look for in a CV and at interview stage.

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